This by far is one of my favorite graphic tee shirts at the moment. This is a Target original (12.99) that I was able to snag at my local Goodwill for only $3! Talk about a discount!. Not only do I love the colors and the uniqueness of the shirt, I love the type of attention it brings when I wear it. Majority of the onlookers really love the shirt and have never seen anything like it, while ohers are trying to determine if I in fact love the rainbow, if you know what I mean. It's quite hilarious when people do a double take and try to determine the outcome within in seconds before I walk by.

I decided to dress this shirt up and throw in a splash of bad girl vibes. I paired the top with this mini faux leather skirt that I got on sale at Forever 21. I really love the zipper detail and the way it is constructed. While it was definitely a bit snug, it did the job that I needed it to do, which was hug the correct curve! I wanted to go a step further with the bad girl vibes, so I decided to add some wide fishnet tights to the look to take it to the next level. If you ask me, both the skirt and the tights helped to take this look from sleep shirt to sexy real quick. I finished the look off with my go to black booties and my new faux leather handbag.

This look can be worn to a concert, art gallery showcasing or any other creative night event. I think the fishnets are a bit much for daytime, especially when paired with the miniskirt. Can you tell I was channeling my inner RiRi when I took these photos??


Photography by Collectiveframes


Shirt:  Target

Skirt: Forever 21 (similar)

Shoes: Windsor

Tights: Boohoo

Bag: Forever 21