When the sun is out, why not level up and shine bright too? This spring season, don't be afraid to be bold and make a statement when picking your accessories for your next look. Like I always say, your wardrobe should speak to your personality and most importantly, it should be fun! Now, let's be clear, I'm not saying match from head to toe, because then we would be taking it back to middle school. Times have changed, so we are no longer wearing the matching earrings, bracelet, and belt which can be found at your local beauty supply. Instead, choose only two items that you want to compliment each other in your look.

**The rule of thumb for me when it comes to matching is to never put matching pieces right next to each other.**

I've had these shoes for almost two years now and I've only worn them once because I could never find the right bag or look to complete it. So, when I came across this bag, it was love at first site. While the bag looks small, it actually was able to hold my phone, keys, business cards and a few sticks of gum, with space to spare. With the the shoes and bag being the focal point of my look, I didn't want to do too much with my wardrobe. I decided to pair the neon pop with a statement, bell sleeved top and a pair of denim jeans. I kept the jewelry very minimal, per usual.

This look can be worn anywhere, especially to a setting where you want to stand out!  Whether its to a blogger event or mixer; the neon pop bag is a great conversation starter and will aid you in meeting new friends in no time! I think the next time I wear these shoes, I'll pair it with an all denim look or even a neon solid dress. Decisions, decisions! Check out my outfit details below and let me know what you think!


Top : TOV

Jeans: Forver21

Purse : Pinkfangznthangz

Shoes: Qupid