Summer in the city.... New York City that is! I honestly still can't believe it. So, please give me a moment to get it all out....AHHHHH LMNOP!!!! Okay, I'm good! I'm uber excited to start off this series in my new city. There are so many things going on this summer and I'm still trying to grasp it all. From festivals and concerts in the park to natural hair parties and pop up shops, the events are endless! And yes, like any fashion lover, I plan to tackle as many as I can in style!

Being that I will most likely be using the MTA, Ubers or walking to get to these events, comfort is super important. I mean, who wants to be the girl walking with a limp because she decided to "be cute" and wear shoes that weren't meant for the hike through these NY streets? Uh, Not me! Now don't get me wrong, some events will call for a serious pop out with a look that is guaranteed to hurt my feet or possibly be too tight to make a wrong move. However, for those I plan to ride an uber to and from the event to prevent myself any embarrassment. Now for the other 85% of the events, my means of transportation will be whichever is cheapest at the time!


For this first look I decided to put together something that was fitting for the crazy 90 degree temperatures we've experienced these past few days. I wanted to style something that was comfortable, yet chic and effortless. I turned the thrifted tiger shirt into a cropped top to accentuate my short torso and paired it with these flirty 'Day Cruising Culottes Pants' that I found on Tobi for $33 along with some simple Marc Fisher sandal heels that I got on clearance for $16 at Belk! What I love most about these pants is that they're lightweight and the color is very versatile! I definitely plan to wear these pants again with a pair of sneakers to give off a more sporty vibe!

Carrying a satchel hand bag in the city is overrated. It's more convenient to carry a cross-body, tote or backpack because you're able to keep both hands free. So, to top off this look I added this super chic Chelsa Backpack that I got from Imoshion!  Imoshion is a cruelty-free vegan handbag brand that focuses on creating trendy bags that are good for the community and the environment! What I love most about this bag is that it's just the right size. Not too big or small and it very affordable. I was able to snag this beauty for only $35!

This look can be worn while shopping at your favorite stores in SOHO or at a lit Saturday Brunch at Woodland in Brooklyn!


Photography by Dominique Guillaume

Top: Buffalo Exchange

Bottoms: Tobi

Shoes: Marc Fisher

Backpack: Imoshion