Prior to moving to the city you could classify my style as more so preppy/chic or dressy for lack of a better word. Yet, once I moved and began to get acclimated, I quickly realized that comfort was more important when it came to the way I dressed. If you've been following my #WearItLikeKrys posts since I moved to New York, then you're probably already aware that I've falling in love with a more athletic vibe when it comes to the way I dress. From graphic tees and joggers to comfy kicks and fishnets, you can catch me wearing at least one of these pieces when I step out to an event.


For this style post, with the help of my local T.J. Maxx, I decided to mesh two of my favorite styles together, in hopes of creating a masterpiece. Now, being that I don't have a consistent job at the moment, I knew that whichever look I decided on, it had to be reasonably priced. I gave myself a $50 budget and went to work! The vibe I was going for was casual chic. It's comfy and real street on the top and once you make your way to the shoes and accessories it gives you that added umph. Being that my budget was low, I decided to pair my favorite J. Crew metallic silver shoes that I got from Goodwill for only $8! I would have to say my favorite part of this look is the pants. I love the variety of colors that the lines on the pants have, which is different than the typical single stripe. i also love that this look is away from the norm. Looking at the top, you would automatically assume that sneakers would be the shoes to wear. But, I decided to go against the norm and add some spice!

This look can be worn on a Saturday morning while you're running errands, to a real chill fashion event or even to nice a shopping day in SoHo!


Photography by Collectiveframes

All itmes, except for shoes were purchased at T.J. Maxx

Shirt: Crooks & Castle

Pants: Gaze

Bag: Isabelle

Shoes: J.Crew