I've finally embraced the fact that it is indeed time to put on a coat. You know how your mom used to always make you put on a coat, but you didn't really want to? Yeah, that's how I used to feel when it came to wearing a coat . In my mind, I always felt like a coat just messed up the entire ensemble. Well, as I've grown up and matured I've realized that if worn correctly, a coat can actually be the key to completing your look. I've grown to really love this season and mainly it's because of the layers!


In my previous post, I discussed the ways that you can layer up for the cooler months. While I didn't really layer up in this post, I did decided to thrown in a jacket for good measure. So, it's a start, lol. I actually had this coat since college and have only worn it once. So, I was glad to bring this bad boy out! I decided to pair the jacket with a simple v neck body suit with some jeans my favorite pair of thigh high boots. When it's cold, no one wants to hold on to a purse. So, I decided to switched it up with the bag and leave the shoulder strap on.  Hair is an accessory as well, so let's get into the deets! I used FORM Beauty products to achieve this bomb twist out. Not only is the definition amazing, but it's lightweight!

This look is definitely date ready. Whether you're going for drinks, dinner or the movies. You're sure to make bae. or potential bae, love every moment of it!


Photography by Collectiveframes

Bodysuit: ASOS

Jacket: Steve Madden

Pants: Urban Outfitters

Bag: Vital XII

Shoes: Aldo